I Hate Myself for Loving You

I Hate Myself for Loving You

I hate myself for loving you, I can’t break free from the things you do . . . . A line from a song I love to sing along with even though I cannot sing is by JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS which is one of my favorite since I was a teenager and still to this day one of my favorite songs . . . . Why because it talks about not being made a fool of and not being cheated on by the one you love. So it is much like a Love to Hate relationship on one hand while on the other hand you Hate to Love at the same time.

But what is hate really? It is the dislike of something very much . . . . While you can still love some thing or someone but still hate them or it at the same time.

Although we are taught not to hate, it is still very easy to hate some things people do, or it is easy to hate the bad things bad people do to good people, and it is also very easy to hate when things do not go the way we plan in our life’s.

The world is full of GOD’s children no matter what backgrounds we are raised in we are all GOD’s children even if we believe in different GOD’s. We all still share the same FAITH and BELIEVE that things can get better with prayers. That life is worth living and things are worth fight for using our FAITH & BELIEF in a GOD.

Even if I think you are an @$$O in life that does not mean I don’t love you as a child of GOD. I can dislike you and disagree with your way of thinking and the way you disciple you child in the store but still love you as a child of GOD.

We do not have to be friends for me to love you. We do not need to talk on the phone for me to love you. I don’t even have to meet you to love you. But I do not have to like that you cut me off as we both drive down the road or that you stepped in front of me at the grocery store, or that you took the last pump at the gas station.

I love these beautiful Peacock that come into my back yard from my neighbors yard who raises these wonderful birds yet they make a big mess on the pool deck by putting the peacock dodo everywhere which is a pain in the dupa to clean up. Yet I would never hurt these glorious birds or chase them away. I love seeing them in the yard but I hate the mess they leave..

So yes It is easy to Love & Hate all at the same time, but all people, animals and living creatures on Earth are part of GOD wonderful majestic plan. We all need to learn how to respect each other and we can Love & Hate all at once. But we should never react on the hate so that it hurts anyone we should only show the love that we have in our hearts.

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I was raised a catholic, made my first communion, was confirmed and left the church because I was taught GOD would damn you or punish you if you did not follow his ways. I felt back then that the catholic way was to put fear into it people to believe in GOD and follow his ways or go to #E!!.

I could not live with this GOD in my live so I live my way but after years of my wild ways and living life on the edge of the earth without a belief in anything but myself I found what I call a GOD I can live with or live for, He or She is a forgiving GOD who loves me NO MATTER what I do or what I have done, or will do in the future.

I went through phases of learning what I want from my GOD, I want HER to be a power women who loves me for who I am, I do feel I am a Christian but I fail to believe that being a Christian is the only way to find GOD. I believe that all people can interpretation the Bible in the way they work for them as long as they believe in a GOD that fits their needs.

Not everyone has to believe in GOD in the same way; all that really matters is that a GOD of your choice lives in your heart. That you are true to the GOD that you believe in, that you pray to the GOD you believe in. I am not a Mayan nor do I believe in their GOD’s but I know when James and I visited Chichen Itza in Mexico the spirits and the power of their GOD’s where clearing powerful and I was moved beyond belief. I could feel the power and the spirit moved within me even if that was not my GOD it was some ones GOD.

The world will never change unless we start respecting what others believe even if their beliefs are not in line with what we believe. Hate comes from not understand each other, and true love comes from accepting what others believe even if different from your beliefs.

I loved the move “The Shack” even if you don’t that is fine with me. I have never needed anyone’s approval in the past and I don’t need it now. All that matters is that we all Believe in a GOD even if they are not the same GOD we just need to believe in something bigger and greater that ourselves.

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Are we learning what we need to know online?

This blog post is for my online class “Educating the Net-Generation” and I am trying to see if we are teaching our students what they need to learn online and are our students learning what they need to know from online teaching? Only time will tell . . . .

I will use this blog to add post as needed for my Online Technology course where I am teaching all kinds of technologies to my online students how to use different software’s such as Power Point, Snagit, Audacity, creating games and other online technologies to help education them on using these technologies in the workplace.

Note: the photo in this blog was taken by me in 2014 at the Flagler Museum In Palm Beach, FL and I own the copyrights to this photo. Please do not use this photo without my permission and or knowledge that you are doing so.

Year 2030


Great blog on screens in education and the changes they have been bringing to the classroom, I know from my years at SONY that many things have changed about screens, because we used to make TV glass for the old Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) television, and now those are gone and we use LED, LCD, HD or Plasma TV’s all similar but different.

As education is changing daily and will continue to change into the future, we as teacher are going to have, to have an ever changing classroom. Every year new technologies will be coming in the classroom and we will be teaching the students how to use these technologies, phone just might become a part of the learning technologies.

I think it is a great thing to want to inspire others to learn as we want to learn and I think even as a teacher the students have things to teach us as we teacher them. I am looking forward to teacher as well as learning from my students.

Thanks for sharing Maggie

What will 2020 unvail?

What will 2020 unvail?

Does the World Affect Education or Does Education Affect the World?

The History . . . .

WOW I can hardly believe that 2020 is just 4 years away for us now, and I can remember being a student in elementary school and thinking that the year 2000 was so far way that we would never get there and now here I am in 2016 getting my 2nd Master’s degree in Online Teaching.

So where are we headed and what will education look like in 4 more years? Well that is a good question, and I have to say that I thought of this about 7 or 8 years ago before I started this 2nd Master’s degree, all because I saw the way learning was moving more toward the online classroom with lot of cool technologies, and I am surly counting on more students wanting to go to class online in four more years.

Although my current work place Florida Atlantic University (FAU) is working on a 5 year work plan to help students stay in school at the university and complete their graduation within a timely matter of 4 years. Almost every semester FAU’s academic department is increasing the number of classes offered online and although FAU only has a few degrees that are totally online and a certificate or two, FAU does offer the choice of going to classes online or on campus for a students learning experiences.

With all of that said I see the use of online technology for learning growing every year, as students and teacher both start using the online blogs as part of the class work. Where the classroom teachers are now teaching students online and giving their students assignments in the online classroom like Canvas or Blackboard and the students complete their assignments on their  blogs, much like we are doing in this class.

Text books are gone, as student might never need to buy another book ever again but instead just download their books from Amazon.com or other web sites that sell books to be downloaded onto their I-phone or Smart phones and students can read them on the go or purchase the audio book and listen to them as they drive or run or do a workout.

The Video’s . . . .

I was very impressed with two video’s I found online at www.youtube.com the first one I found was by Amy Collier at TED who talks about the education system being broken and how to fix things.  Could the answer be “Open Online Learning” where teachers are sharing their lesson plans online with other educators and could this create an live and growing document that can change education. Students can learn to connect with others and  become networking learners, by working together with other students to grow new companies or learn from other students in a different country half way around the world.

Open online learning courses can change life around the world by helping students see the world differently by connecting with one community in South American with water issues, or building repair issues that need solved, with open online learning, a community leader in South American could connect with someone else on the other side of the world in Japan or China who might have already solved one of the same issues and is willing to share what they learned in the open online learning course.

What if open online learning could teacher a mother in India to start her own business to help feed her six children, just because she took an open online course in business management design by a professor at Hale and used by a college in India to help the local community learn new things. Changing the world with open online learning could be a good this if it could only catch on here in the USA this would be a good thing, but many teachers from the old days might not be so willing to share.

The second video had me crying by the time I got to the end of the video because who knew that learning from your students could move your heart so much as this video did for me. In this video Shelley Wright talks about being a boring classroom teacher for 13 years, who has always taught school like all the teachers who taught her over the years. By just standing in front of her students in the classroom and lecturing to them about a topic and the students just looked boring and not learning much.

Shelley shares that she took a class during her Master degree in EdTech taught by Professor Alec Couros, which changed her life, because in this class she learning about “pedagogy” Wikipedia defines this as “the discipline that deals with the theory and practice of education.”  (2010, 2016) Shelley was learning about student center learning and constructivism that she started to think that students could be their own teachers and start to construct things for themselves. So she asks the students what they wanted to do to and they wanted to sit on the floor and make a different in the world by helping others.

One student in her class asked Shelley if the class could help raise money for a program called Schools for Schools. The students were so hype up to do something that they wanted to do, that they all got together and set their goals so high that to Shelley, they seemed almost impossible for the class to reach them. The class wanted to raise $20,000.00 for the Schools for Schools project. Well needless to say the class reached their goal with a few thousand more. To think that students can put their minds together to make things happen is a wonderful thing and a great way to learn how to change the world.

The Future . . . .

What if the educational world could change to incorporate these ideas into both online learning and classroom learning? The Open online learning concept could be used not just online but within the brick and mortar schools too, if teachers could share lesson plans and help each other develop the lesson plans over time by improve the learning experiences for all the students.

Putting the open online learning idea with the idea of student-driven learning and giving the students the choice of what they want to learn combined with the Internet and other web technologies in the classroom could help to increase student’s grades and help them become engaged with their own learning.  If the students become excited about what is going on in the classroom and online it could change everything for these students.

I know I have blogged before in this class that the US has to change the educational system and the way we teach our students and maybe with all of the new technologies learned in this class like blogging, social media, podcasting, screen casting, video casting and webex along with new teaching ideas that I have reviewed here, maybe just maybe in the year 2020 and beyond, maybe all of these technologies will bring great change to the classrooms both in the brick & mortar and in the online classroom.

I am so grateful to be here and learning all of this new technologies and I want to be a part of this new changing world and I hope and pray I will be an online teacher sharing with my students what life was like before all this great technology and how far we all have come since the beginning of learning. I want to teach students that the world can affect us as educators and we as educators can affect the world.


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The Brave New World of Online Learning: Amy Collier at TEDxStanford; Published on Jun 20, 2013; Amy Collier works with faculty, instructional designers and doctoral students to explore and design online learning experiences at Stanford.

The power of student-driven learning: Shelley Wright at TEDxWestVancouverED; Published on Jun 9, 2013 ; Shelley Wright is a teacher/education blogger living in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Currently, she serves as the high school learning consultant for Prairie South Schools.

Pedagogy Educ.utas.edu.au. Retrieved 2010-09-20 This page was last modified on 23 March 2016, at 17:41.


Note: the photo in this blog was taken by me in 2014 at the Flagler Museum In Palm Beach, FL and I own the copyrights to this photo. Please do not use this photo without my permission and or knowledge that you are doing so.



 Software Online . . . .

The idea of not installing the software on ones computer is a great idea but if this option requires a monthly payment for subscriptions, this would totally make a lot of people mad, Even if payment is only 0.99 cents . . . Yet some people might not mind making this monthly payment.

Personally I just purchased Adobe Acrobat DC which is a Adobe online but when I did original making the purchase I did not realize it was a Document Cloud software package. It was not until I downloaded ans installed the software and I had to log on to Adobe to create an account to active the package.

So now I am starting to wonder if what I just purchase is going to now cost me a yearly subscription to keep using the Adobe Acrobat in another year. I love the idea but yet I am not so sure I want to save really important things like my 2015 taxes file in a PDF out in the cloud. I just wonder how safe it really is, with all the security breaches going on these days.

I would recommend to my student to use such a software package like Adobe Acrobat, because using this software to print webpages to PDF for reading later can help students with their classroom, and will allow the student to reference these documents later in their assignments. After completing an assignment in WORD then students could printing it PDF for turning in the assignment, by saving their work online, at school they could just login and download they homework assignment to be submitted.

Note: the photo in this blog was taken by me in 2014 at the Flagler Museum In Palm Beach, FL and I own the copyrights to this photo. Please do not use this photo without my permission and or knowledge that you are doing so.


Paperless Learning

Paperless Learning

Save the Forest . . . . Save the Earth . . . . Save the Teacher

How would a paperless class change your role as a teacher?

Since I am just learning to become a teacher I think I would like to start out being a paperless class and since I do plan on being an online teacher I feel this should be an easy task complete. I would like at create my class so that students will do all their work online either in a blog or wiki format I would do that. I would like student to create a working file that they can use through out their student career and well as their working career.

How would paperless classes change learning?

I think that having classes without paper can help save the trees and teach students to conserve on the worlds resources and help save the world, as well as make learning fun by using the INTERNET and other format of technologies to complete our class work.

I am planning on teaching such subjects as SQL, HTML, JAVA, SAS and or MSOffice type courses and if I can combined this learning with Blogging and the use of Wikis I think this would help student learn 2 or 3 things all at once.

How would you measure learning in a paperless class?

I would be using the INTERNET to help students learn how to program and I would also combined this learning with other online technologies and I would require the students show progress from the beginning of class to the end of class.  I would write into the syllabus that students will need to show advanced learning techniques and will be required to do more types of programming as well as to increase the skill of using the blog or the wiki . I would let students know I will be grading their last project against their first project to see if I can see improvement and increasing design within their work.

Would a paperless space make it easier or harder to build a learning network? Why?

I think it will be easier to build a learning network. WHY? well because as each year passes us by the next year brings us a new group of students each with a better understanding of using technologies. Today most students entering into K-6 have pretty much grown up on a computer and as technology gets better so will the students become more talents as the years go by. Who know the students might be teaching us in class before we know it.

Overall a paperless world is more than likely just a round the corner. As newspapers go online and bank is all online and applying for a mortgages are going online and getting a loan is just a click away. The world is changing and we must change with it so teachers can keep on teaching.

Note: the photo in this blog was taken by me in 2011 at the Waterfront Park In Homestead, PA and I own the copyrights to this photo. Please do not use this photo without my permission and or knowledge that you are doing so.



The Big Shift 2

The Big Shift 2

Many, Many Teachers and 24/7 Learning

How has this shift affected your teaching practice so far?

I am not currently a in classroom teacher . . . but this idea of teaching 24/7 is what has been driving me to want to earn this online teaching master degree. I wan to be the person who can and will work to help people learn at all hours of the day. I am a night owl and I would rather be up late and sleep in and be out in the sunshine during the day.

How do you expect it might affect you in the future?

I am praying that this will become a part time job for me over the next ten years as I want to start teaching one or two online class while working my day time full time job as a Programmer/System Analyst. I want to be able to teach other work adults what I know about programming, web design and editing web sites or how to use MSOffice. I want my students to become excited about learning.

Have your views changed since you started this course?

My views have changed in ways that I now want to use more technology while I teach and help other learn what I know. I want to be able to make my students to use their critical thinking skills to solve problems or issues that they might encounter during their work days.

How can you use technology to facilitate this shift in your own classroom?

I love the idea of using a blog to manage my students sharing their ideas and for me the teacher to see what the students are doing. I would also think about using podcast and screencast to share my lesson to students.

I have great dreams of retiring in the next 10 or 15 years and my dream is that online teaching will be come my after retirement job so I can work from home and still stay a busy person because I want to have things to do but I might just want to do them on my schedule an not someone else timeline.

I am thing I could work from home in the early mornings and have my afternoons out in the pool enjoying the sunshine and swimming all day. Then I can have my dinner and finish the evening doing more school work as a online teacher.

I am thinking this is going to be the best way for me to retire from a job that is the 8am to 5pm punch a clock work place. I am just paying my dues now . . . .

Note: the photo in this blog was taken by me in 2004 at Maxwell Beach, Barbados I was parasailing of a boat high up in the sky and I own the copyrights to this photo. Please do not use this photo without my permission and or knowledge that you are doing so.

Greatest Nation In the World

Greatest Nation In the World

U.S. Education System is # 1 . . . . U.S. does not make the top 20 ? ? ?

Well according to the article posted online December 3, 2013 by Bill Chappell titled “U.S. Students Slide In Global Ranking On Math, Reading, Science”  the U.S. has failed now for 15 years to raise up above the top 20 ranking education system of other countries around the world. As I write this I am wondering what we are doing so wrong? Could we improve our educational system to be the best in the world?

I also once remember reading an other article about how the U.S. traveled to the countries in the Scandinavia area to study how their education system works. This article was written by Meris Stansbury the Assistant Editor of the eSchool News, and posted on March 3rd, 2008.

Stansbury writes that the U.S. wanted to learn about how the Scandinavia countries are “approaching education, reaching students, involving teachers, and implementing policy.” (2008)

The Scandinavia countries are using the classrooms with computers, while teachers & students both have full uncontrolled access to the Internet, and other online resources, to help support programs instead of using it as the driving forces and this is primarily to help ensure the students’ success in their education and future professions.  (2008)

In Finland, one of the Scandinavia countries, only 1 out of 8 people wanting to become a teacher are accepted into the teaching programs at university, and that is because teachers are one of the most highly valued professions, unlike in the U.S. teachers are low pay and anyone can become a teacher, not say all U.S. teachers are bad, but if we just had higher standards with  high quality pay. (2008)

Quoted right from the article . . . .”Therefore, teachers are extremely autonomous in their work. So are students. For example, internet-content filtering in the three countries is based largely on a philosophy of student responsibility. Internet filters rarely exist on school computers, other than for protection from viruses or spam. As a school librarian in Copenhagen said, “The students understand that the computers are here for learning.””

The whole idea of this article is to teach students from an early age to take the responsibility for their own education and to have students understand that what they learn is only guided by the teachers and that they need to want to learn and want to grow base one what they want out of life, their education and their career. Teachers are the inspiration for the students to want to grown and learn.

This article also talks about not giving students grades for class work in the early years of going to school, but instead it is more about teaching students basic respect and morale’s of using the Internet, to learn and having the desire to do something good with ones life by understanding that using the Internet is for learning and not about playing games or using socially unaccepted behaviors.

I am thinking that the U.S. educational needs some majors changes to help students be more successful and to help increase the U.S. ranking around the world. Do you think that the U.S. Educational system can help students success and reach the goals of being number one in the rankings around the world if the U.S. makes some changes?

Tell me why you agree or disagree with the ideas of how the Scandinavia’s have are approached their educational success. Do you have other new and or better ideas of how to help bring the U.S. student rankings up? If so please share in details how you would change the U.S. Educational system for success around the world, and hopefully making the U.S. number one again . . . .




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Note: the photo in this blog was taken from the article posted online on December 3, 2013 by Bill Chappell titled “U.S. Students Slide In Global Ranking On Math, Reading, Science”.



To Agree or To Disagree . . . That is the Question?

I have to be totally honest here, this assignment has made me struggle with this concept of Connectivism. So for me to argue against or for this concept I am at a totally lost, and I do not not how to debate it in either direction, but I will try.

I choose Group E Wiki Page , and I am going to come at this from the production side of my knowledge because I am totally lacking in understand this from a teaching side. Well maybe my teaching side is more related to my training side and how I used to train in the production world.

The first statement made in the Group E wiki page is a definitions by George Siemens, Connectivism is a theory based on the idea that “[l]earning is a process that occurs within nebulous environments of shifting core elements – not entirely under the control of the individual” (2005, para. 24).

I am not sure that all of this learning is takes place in a cloud or haze or only on a machine?  I feel like this idea can relate to many different kinds of learning. Connect-iv-ism to me means to connect to an idea . . . . So if I am training co-workers on how to do a task at work I need to help them connect to an idea . . . . the idea of the process, the process of putting something together as a product. This could also relate to students learning a process of how to play the flute or kick a soccer ball or solve a math problem.

Maybe George Siemens coined this concept in one way as it relates to the INTERNET and how the computer can learn one behaviors, people can also learn behaviors. I drive a five speed manual drive car and I have for over 35 plus years. I now do it without thinking about shifting and using the clutch is a habit and this is a learning behavior yet I am not a machine, but I have a connectivism to my car.

So again I am back to trying to understand if I  am for or against this idea in ether direction of connectivism in the definitions put forth by George Siemans. I just hope I got this assignment right because I am totally lost.


Siemens, G. (2005, January 01). Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age. Retrieved from http://www.itdl.org/journal/jan_05/article01.htm

Note: the photo in this blog was taken by me in Jan 2016 overlooking an icy Lake Erie while staying in Cleveland, Ohio. I own the copyrights to this photo. Please do not use this photo without my permission and or knowledge that you are doing so.